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Whisper is an action that can be used in chat to send a private message to a user.

How to whisper[edit | edit source]

To whisper, enter a forward slap then the players name (e.g. /pooh713) or, in the chat window, click on the player's name and select Whisper.

Names with Spaces[edit | edit source]

To whisper to players with spaces in their name, use apostrophes at the beginngin and end of their name (e.g. /'lady lightfyre').[1] [2]

On newer servers if you click on the persons name that you want to whisper to, then click whisper, it now adds in the ' ' on the ends of the names automatically if there is a space in them. If you are going to be whispering a few times, you could copy the whisper text to save time.