Wheel of Fortune

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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune[edit | edit source]

This interface displays a set of 24 items that you may win during the current session with the Wheel of Fortune. The logic behind the selection and placement of the items is currently unknown.

When the Aries Amulet is invoked this interface is displayed. The images on the periphery of the interface are sequentially highlighted in clockwise order. If the button (which in the image says 'Continue', but while the highlight is moving says 'Stop' is pressed

Items to Research[edit | edit source]

  • If the stop button is pressed when a particular cell is highlighted (before the highlight starts to slow), will the highlight stop the same 'distance away' each time?

Result: The stop button is only available when the user applies several Amulets through the in-game window that is shown when the player uses an item. The button is used to stop after a number of turns, for example when the user is bored of it. The stop button is replaced by a continue button when the user has won an item or other, and Evony wants the user to spend cents on more amulets. Summary: the stop button is not used to stop the run, but to stop from applying more amulets.

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