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Treb Leveling at its finest

To Use Trebs to level your hero you will need a few things

-1 person with a treb hero and vast quantities of stone and some food the ratio being about 1.5b stone for 1m scouts thats a high end guess to be safe and then a few billion food in the city as trebs need that to build and the troops your have in the valley need that to live

-Have your cities 1 mile away from each other

-Have any level and any type of valley also 1 mile away from yourself

-Have Enough scouts to go at it for awhile 10 million+

Once that is all set up you have the Person With the Treb hero take the valley below you or that's 1 mile away from you and reinforce it with 50k scouts or more doesn't really matter how many. Then they fill up their Feasting Hall with hero's including their treb hero. For this to work best the defending city(treb hero) should have no troops and gates open so you will get 156k exp per hit and greater chance at winning items such as Teleports, Amulets, Hero Huntings, Holy Waters, and Speakers.

To start the attacker needs to have 0 honor and its best to apply a Penicillin for 65% heal rate. The attacker hits the valley that is reinforced be the defender with 1 scout and a bad hero(to give them 3 honor for your 65% heal). Then he hits the defender with 22500 scouts and the hero you want to level. The loyalty on your hero will be at 1 very soon into this process which is why it is imperative that the defender keeps a full Feasting Hall. You can expect to see Experience for the hero to range from about 550k exp- 910k exp. It averages out to be about 670k exp per hit every 10 seconds. With a heal rate of 65% you will loose 7875 scouts per hit. Losses vs Levels not that bad considering going back to hitting tens and building archers solely for speed farming. In a 24 hour period its possible to get upwards of 8500+ hits in and at an average of 670k exp per hit thats 5.7 billion experience on a hero in a day.

Play with it a bit but honestly what i have laid out is the best way i have found to do it.

Now the Defender makes out like a bandit with great items plenty of random ports and amulets to spin at will plus he gets exp on his treb hero. Now if his treb hero is also the highest attack in the city then he gets 156k exp on it each hit as well if not it goes to the highest attack hero i personally try and have my treb hero being the highest attack so i get more exp on him.

More Resources on Treb Leveling can be found here:<br /><a href="" title="Evony Tip – Evony Trebbing: the Art of Trebuchet Hero Leveling and Item Farming."><strong>Evony Tip – Evony Trebbing: the Art of Trebuchet Hero Leveling and Item Farming.</strong></a>.