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General Information:[edit | edit source]

Traps are a type of Fortified unit used to kill attacking troops. Like all Evony defenses it is only effective in huge numbers. The trap is a good defense if your Beacon_Tower gives you an early warning. They are quick and cheap. But the down side to traps are that they are not very effective. Construction time is affected by Construction Research and your Hero's Politics Skill, using the formula: Construction Time = BaseTime*(0.9^Const)*(0.995^Poli)

Walls Level 1
Food 50
Lumber 500
Stone 100
Iron 50
Costs Time 1m 00s
# fortified spaces 1
Quest: Fortification: Trap
Target 10 Traps
Traps 90
Lumber 5,000
Stone 1,000
This fills 100 units of available fortified spaces.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

Trap is a device set up to be trigged by an unsuspecting victim. As the word "trap" implies, they usually have some form of bait designed to lure the victim towards it. In other cases, however, the trap is set to be trigged when the victim performs an everyday action such as opening the door. Trap is usually made of wood which cheap in price and easily accessed.

  • 15-20% of all defenses totaled should be traps, as they only stop workers, warriors, scouts, archers, and swordsmen.

Anti-Trap Methods[edit | edit source]

The trap is designed to kill an even number of all infantry, so 100 warriors, 100 swordsmen, and 100 archers were sent to attack, and the wall had 100 traps, then the attackers would lose roughly 33 warriors, swordsmen, and archers.

However, many people have started to send a large number of warriors in one wave, then the rest of the army in the next wave. This causes the traps to only kill warriors, and not the more expensive troops.

It has also been found that if you send 100 warriors at 100 traps, then 100 warriors will die. However if you send 200 warriors then only about 90 warriors will die, 300 and less will die. (This is a rough estimate and the actual numbers could greatly vary.)

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