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Attack Window

A Transport is a kind of mission for delivering tangible resources.

  • Select Armies GreenArrow.jpg Select the soldiers you will be sending to transport goods
    • Max GreenArrow.jpg Selects all soldiers including Scouts
    • Clear GreenArrow.jpg Clears your selection
    • Apply War Ensign GreenArrow.jpg Increases Rally Spot army limits by 25%, requires item (Not required for Transport)
  • Mission Requirements GreenArrow.jpg The minimum amount of food required to send on a transport mission to feed your army and the amount of resources your army is able to carry
  • Target GreenArrow.jpg Coordinates for the Transport mission
  • Mission GreenArrow.jpg The Mission type. Can be either Attack, Scout, reinforce or Transport
  • Hero GreenArrow.jpg Only required to attack, can be used with any mission type though.
  • Camp Time GreenArrow.jpg Time to stay in the Destination before returning.
  • Resources GreenArrow.jpg Resources to send with the Transport. Send an equal amount of food as per the Mission Requirements for the Transport Mission.
  • Estimated time based on the above settings GreenArrow.jpg Estimated arrival time to the destination

Comments[edit | edit source]

  • Scouts are a very quick way to transfer resources. 10 scouts can transfer 55 resources in 1/10th the time it takes for other comparable units.
  • It will take the same amount of time to return as it will to deliver. There is no increase in time similar to an Attack return.
  • Cavalry make excellent transporters before obtaining a Transporter, although they are much slower than scouts
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