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General Information:[edit | edit source]

"Among this turbulent world, your accomplishment is especially outstanding. Thanks to the positive recommendation of the congress and the sincere praise of your people, you've been noticed by the royal family. Now show your respect to the royal family by presenting some of your trophies and you will be granted grand title."
- Quest Text

Titles allow players to conquer or build cities beyond their original starting one. After each promotion in title, you can build another city, all the way up to a total of ten cities.

Title Requirements Awards
Rank Gold Prestige Medals Item Prestige Cities
Civilian A new player's starting title.
Knight Lieutenant 20,000 1,000 Cross Medals (10)
Rose Medals (5)
Beginner Guidelines (1)
Primary Guidelines (1)
100 2
Baronet Captain 40,000 2,000 Rose Medals (10)
Lion Medals (5)
Beginner Guidelines (1)
Primary Guidelines (1)
200 3
Baron Major 60,000 4,000 Lion Medals (10)
Honor Medals (5)
Beginner Guidelines (1)
Primary Guidelines (1)
600 4
Viscount Colonel 80,000 8,000 Honor Medals (10)
Courage Medals (5)
Beginner Guidelines (1)
Primary Guidelines (1)
800 5
Earl* General 100,000 16,000 Courage Medals (10)
Wisdom Medals (5)
Beginner Guidelines (1)
Primary Guidelines (1)
1,000 6
Marquis General 200,000 32,000 Wisdom Medals (10)
Freedom Medals (5)
Intermediate Guidelines (1)
Senior Guidelines (1)
2,000 7
Duke* General 300,000 64,000 Freedom Medals (10)
Justice Medals (5)
Beginner Guidelines (1)
Primary Guidelines (1)
1,400 8
Furstin General 400,000 128,000 Justice Medals (10)
Nation Medals (5)
Beginner Guidelines (1)
Primary Guidelines (1)
1,600 9
Prinzessin General 500,000 256,000 Justice Medals (30)
Nation Medals (15)
Intermediate Guidelines (1)
Senior Guidelines (1)
5,000 10

* Earl gives the ability to draft from HC's (Age2 only)
* To reach Duke and beyond you have few options:

  1. Buy several Senior Medal Boxes from the shop, or be lucky enough to win them from an Amulet.
  2. Successfully attack L10 NPC's multiple times for Justice and Nation Medals. See Conquering_level_10_Barb_Cities.
    (Note that conquering and taking over a Lv 10 NPC is not required to win a medal.)
  3. Repeatedly attack mid- and high-level valleys and flats and Lv 5 NPCs to achieve sufficient Freedom Medals.

"Your city is thriving under your effort and your performance has drawn attention from the congress. Now if you can prepare some money to run for election, you can get promoted. It's the only way to achieve bigger accomplishment." - Quest Text

Advancing your rank will allow you to obtain higher titles which will allow you to build and/or conquer more cities. There is a trade-off between rank and titles since both use the same medals. Consider this when choosing to promote your rank. Yes, the flashing red quest icon is annoying, but it may be worth the annoyance.