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I have been playing for about 6-7 weeks. i came across this information just a couple days ago. Before reading about medal grinding, it seemed to take forever to find medals. My fellow Blitz alliance members had the same problem. I have found more medals, needed medals, in 2 days using this method than the entire time I've been playing. I passed on this method to my alliance and they are having great success, with a drop rate of 2-5 out of 10 tries. You must conquer the valley of course to get the medal. And it makes it much easier to do if the valley your attacking is on the screen with your city. Dahuh88

Can you find medals if you only attack and don't conquer? It would be helpful to put this information on this page... JeremyNLSO 12:03, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

Medal Grinding[edit source]

If anyone has good documentation on drop rates and medal grinding, it would be good to link to it. I don't have any and I am basing it off my own experience. I started burst attacking and got the medals I needed for Baronet in a few hours. I don't have the time or inclination to post the long list of attack reports that would be needed to document this authoritatively though.

I added this section because it would have made the game much less frustrating for me if I had know this information earlier. --Ingvar 06:39, 7 September 2009 (UTC) You CAN get medals without conquering valleys, and many people take advantage of that. You can purposely not conquer, so the troops don't change and get dangerous (e.g. Level 10 valleys)

Research[edit source]

We need to devise methods of researching this stuff to compile relatively accurate data. There are sooooo many variables involved in this that may affect the drop rates it's mind boggling.

First let's identify the variables that we need to track:

  1. Age I or II
  2. Valley or NPC
  3. Level
  4. Hero Attack

what else? It doesn't appear that the drops remain static as hero's levels (attack value) goes up. And there is a lot of chatter about different servers using different mechanics. Has this been proven or verified by Evony developers at all? --Wynthyst 02:24, 27 November 2010 (UTC)

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