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History:[edit | edit source]

As a serious military weapon, the sword had to wait for the development of ironworking and the first true swords date from around 1200 BC. Swords in antiquity and classical times tended to be relatively short since they were made of bronze and later because they were rarely called upon to penetrate armor. The classic Roman stabbing sword, the gladius, was only about 2 feet long. In later years, the gladius gave way to the spatha, which was a long slashing sword of the barbarians and the forerunner of the great broadswords of medieval Europe.

General Information:[edit | edit source]

The strongest melee unit, they are effective against archers.

Barracks Level 3
Iron Working Level 1
Food 200
Lumber 150
Iron 400
Costs Time 3m 45s
Base Statistics
Life: 350
Population: 1
Attack: 100
Defense: 250
Load: 30
Food: 7
Speed: 275
Range: 30
Military Service Swordsman
Target 10 Swordsmen
Food 2,000
Lumber 1,500
Iron 4,000

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