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A stable is any building where horses are kept. A military stable would also have a training grounds, barracks for the troopers, blacksmiths, armories, and the like. A horse must be highly trained to be successfully used in battle. Any civilization that wants to employ a large number of horsemen are highly encouraged to invest and build as many stables as possible.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Horses are raised in the stable, and horsemen develop along with the stable's level. The Stable allows Horseback Riding to be researched.

Despite what the description of the Stables says, as of July 18 2009 there is no bonus to the training time of cavalry/cataphracts for any level of Stables. The only function of higher levels of Stables is to allow higher levels of horseback riding.

A stable is required to upgrade the Relief Station. And it also increases the moving speed of your troops by 5.

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

Level Prerequisite Food Lumber Stone Iron Costs Time Allows
1 Farm Lv.5 1,200 2,000 800 1,000 4m 30s Relief Station
Horseback Riding Lv.1
2 2,400 4,000 1,600 2,000 9m 00s Horseback Riding Lv.2
3 4,800 8,000 3,200 4,000 18m 00s Horseback Riding Lv.3
4 9,600 16,000 6,400 8,000 36m 00s Horseback Riding Lv.4
5 19,200 32,000 12,800 16,000 1h 12m 00s Horseback Riding Lv.5
6 38,400 64,000 25,600 32,000 2h 24m 00s Horseback Riding Lv.6
7 76,800 128,000 51,200 64,000 4h 48m 00s Horseback Riding Lv.7
8 153,600 256,000 102,400 128,000 9h 36m 00s Horseback Riding Lv.8
9 307,200 512,000 204,800 256,000 19h 12m 00s Horseback Riding Lv.9
10 Farm Lv.5
Michelangelo's Script
614,400 1,028,000 409,600 512,000 38h 24m 00s Horseback Riding Lv.10

Quest awards[edit | edit source]

Target Food Lumber Stone Iron
Level 1 1,000 5,000 3,000 2,500

Added Details[edit | edit source]

All of these times are posted before Hero bonuses. In addition, a Construction Level of 0 is used for these calculations, so the real time should hopefully be considerably lower. These are quite simply the highest possible times that you can spend on Stables.

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