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Scouts are a special type of troop that can be sent to different places to gather information. While information gathering is a scout's main function, they can also be used for "scout spamming" and the transportation of resources.

Part 1: Scouting player cities[edit | edit source]

Informatics" should be as high as possible. It is used to get more detailed scouting reports and is an essential thing to have; the higher the informatics the more detailed report. In conjunction with informatics, having a high level hero to go with it with high intelligence will even further increase the amount and detail of information you can obtain about a target city, valley or other place.

Part 2: Valleys[edit | edit source]

Most valleys are easy to scout. You only need one scout no matter what the level valley is. For level 1-4 valleys make sure you have level 1-5 informatics. For level5-7 valleys I have 6-8 informatics. For level 9-10 valleys have either level 9 or 10 informatics. My theory is to have your informatics at least one level higher than the valley you are scouting. For example, if I was scouting a level 5 valley, I'd like to have at least level 6 informatics.

Part 3: Barbarian Cities[edit | edit source]

Scouting Barbarian cities is unnecessary, unless you suspect your npcs are being hit before you farm them. This does not often happen although if you get less plunder than expected by other pages in this wiki then scout. In this case, send only one scout with no hero. As for hitting level 10s, you may scout with one scout to check the defending hero. It seems to be a trend that heroes levels 1-5 are brutal and tend to leave you with high loss. Some people prefer not to scout npcs at all, it is all your own personal preference.

Part 4: Scouting Cities and Using Heroes[edit | edit source]

The basic start for a scout on a player's city, is to send one scout with no hero. If gates are closed, one scout will get you your report; though depending upon your informatics and your opponents technologies- you may only get a limited report. If the gates are open in the city you are attempting to scout, your scout will die and you will receive no report. If you choose to proceed, you will most likely have to battle their army along with their walls- unless the player is online and chooses to close their gates on your attack. To proceed with a scout when gates are open, you want to send as many as you can for the least amount of loss... but be prepared to lose them when you send. There is no telling what the other player may have and you could have total loss. For these detailed reports when gates are open, you should send a high att hero with a decent intel level. This will help your scouts fight for the report with less loss, and get you more detailed information. When going for these daring scouts that usually cause retaliation, I suggest you only do so when your informatics is at level 10. So you fully benefit from your report and know exactly what you're getting need higher infor matics in order to scout other opponents cities.

Transportation between cities[edit | edit source]

Scouts are the fastest way to transport resources. Getting your compass tech up also helps, along with a higher relief station when you're sending to members in your alliance. To transport resources with your scouts, you simply click transport on the city of your choice and send your scouts with whatever resources you can carry. You may want to consider sending a hero if you're sending resources to someone with higher prestige than you. It is possible for you to be attacked by NPCs (barbarian cities) en route and have your load robbed.

Scouts carry a good amount of resources, and the higher your logistics is, the higher your scout can hold. For much larger loads, Transports carry the most- by far, and Cavs are not as fast as scouts but hold more resources.

Shortcut *** Speed = Scout transports *** Less Speed, More resources = Cav transports *** Very Slow, Major capacity = Transporters

Scout Bombs[edit | edit source]

(MAKE SURE YOU SET SCOUTS TO ATTACK NOT SCOUT) Scouts are used to destroy walls defenses and when gates are opened, they clear troops with the highest value. Any amount of scouts can be sent with the hero of your choice, but be cautious, as you may lose your hero easily on scout bombs.