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Rose Medal

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Rose Medal

A Rose medal increases a hero's loyalty by 10 when rewarded, and is used for hero persuasion. More importantly, you need them for Promotion Advancement. Don't use your Rose Medals early in the game for anything but for Promotion Advancement. Low drop rate.

Rose Medals are one of the requirements for the following Titles:

Titles requiring Rose Medals
Title Number Required
Knight 5
Baronet 10
Prinzessin 15

Rose Medals are one of the requirements for the following Rank:

Ranks requiring Rose Medals
Rank Number Required
Major 5

Medal Rewards:[edit | edit source]

Medal Reward is an important encouragement system. Medals are awarded to a nation's outstanding contributors. In addition to ensuring the loyalty of heroes, it can also be used in the Persuasion of rival heroes. also helps you get promoted.

Quest: The Medals: Rose Medal
Target Item Prestige Food
Rose Medal 1 Rose Medal 1 100 10,000

Medal Achievements Age II tag.png:[edit | edit source]

Achievement: The Medals: Rose Medal
Name Target Points
Rose Medal achievement.png Rose Medal Acquire 1 Rose Medal 10
Acquire 10 Rose Medals 25
Acquire 25 Rose Medals 50
Acquire 50 Rose Medals 100
Acquire 100 Rose Medals 200

Where to Obtain:[edit | edit source]

Rose Medals can be obtained by attacking valleys or npc's.

The best place i found rose medals was in lv.1-4 lakes and flats - i got 6 in 30 minutes with 2 cities each with 9 Hero's and lv.9 Rally Spot. Try to have a lv. 1-4 valley right next to your city. This is good, as it allows you to perform burst attacks. This shortens your time to acquiring a rose medal. Lv. 3,4 lakes gave me 21 rose medals in 2 days. In lv. 4 valleys sometimes archers are added to the defending troops, so you must add more archers to your attacking numbers.

I tried attacking only lvl 4 lake, and within 50 minutes of attacking,

In 80 attacks I got 3.rose medals. Tested on na42.

The level requirement for the valley or city you are attacking is of minor significance, as Rose Medals can drop in any valley or city from level one and up. The best place to obtain Rose Medals are in level 1-4 valleys.

Although do not forget that if the valley is over lv.3 scout ahead first, aswell as if the valley is player controlled because you may be beaten by whatever troops he has.

You can improve your chances to find medals by sending a burst of attacks into a valley, one after the other. It is suggested you leave about 15 seconds between them. Often the more attacks you send out in the burst the better chance you will have of obtaining a medal. Right after conquering the valley with the first attack, you need to abandon it quickly to let the next attack conquer it, and so on for each successive attack. The valley will regenerate new occupants immediately after you abandon it. For low level valleys (3 and under), only archers are needed to do this and it can be done with no losses, provided a sufficient number of archers are used. The numbers you need are 50 archers for a lvl 1 valley, 100 for a level 2 valley and 200 for a level 3 valley and 400 for a lvl 4 valley. If you are hitting a Vally over 3, scout to see what is in it. Valleys with no archers or cavalry, can be taken with 20k archers 1 scout (this is for a level 10 flat, where a lower one may not need as many archers.

-Keep a timer next to you when you send waves, so you can accurately control the gap between each one. a 20 second break between waves should give you enough time to abandon the valley before the next wave.

On newer servers, Rose and other lower ranked medals continue to be available from Valleys at level 1-3, but the drop rate appears to be in the region of a maximum of 2-3%. (In other words, a medal might be acquired, on average, once in each 30-50 attacks.)

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