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Rolling log

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Rolling Log

A rollinglog is a type of fortified unit consisting of a large rolling log. These logs weigh a lot, roll downhill quickly, and will crush attacking units to death.

They are a rather ineffective 'one-shot' weapon. Scout and Cavalry spam attacks can trigger and waste them for little return. Construction time is affected by Construction Research and your Hero's Politics Skill. Construction Time = BaseTime*(0.9^Const)*(0.995^Poli)

Walls Level 5
Metal Casting Level 5
Food 300
Lumber 6,000
Costs Time 6m 00s
# fortified spaces 4
Base Statistics
Attack: 500
Range: 1,300
Quest: Fortification: Rollinglog
Target 10 Rollinglogs
Rollinglogs 10
Lumber 50,000
This fills 80 units of available fortified spaces.

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