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Intro[edit | edit source]

Privateering gives your attacking army the chance to plunder those annoying Warehouses. A higher research level allows you to steal more from a Warehouse.

History:[edit | edit source]

"The sinews of war are infinite money." ~ Cicero

A letter of marque is an official warrant or commission from a government authorizing the designated agent to search, seize, or destroy specified assets or personnel belonging to a foreign party which has committed some offense under the laws of nations against the assets or citizens of the issuing nation, and has usually been used to authorize private parties to raid and capture merchant shipping of an enemy nation. It was until 1856 that the right to issue letters of marque were relinquished by signatories to the Declaration of Paris.

General Information[edit | edit source]

  • Each level of Privateering decreases rival's warehouse ability down 3% while plundering.
  • Requires:
  • Quest: Scientific Research:
    • Privateering Lv.1 Award: Gold

Level Requirements Decreased
Food Iron Gold Research
1 5,000 2,000 10,000 1h 00m 00s 3%
2 10,000 4,000 20,000 2h 00m 00s 6%
3 20,000 8,000 40,000 4h 00m 00s 9%
4 40,000 16,000 80,000 8h 00m 00s 12%
5 80,000 32,000 160,000 16h 00m 00s 15%
6 160,000 64,000 320,000 32h 00m 00s 18%
7 320,000 128,000 640,000 64h 00m 00s 21%
8 640,000 256,000 1,280,000 128h 00m 00s 24%
9 1,280,000 512,000 2,560,000 256h 00m 00s 27%
10 2,560,000 1,024,000 5,120,000 512h 00m 00s 30%

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