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History:[edit | edit source]

The growing deployment of knights on the battlefield demanded that foot soldiers develop new means of fighting that would lessen their vulnerability to mounted opponents. One of the best ways to do this was to lengthen the reach of the infantrymen by arming them with long spears, known as pikes. Are particularly effective when used in conjunction with Archers.

General Information:[edit | edit source]

Equipped with long pikes, they are effective against horsemen.

Barracks Level 2
Military Tradition Level 1
Food 150
Lumber 500
Iron 100
Costs Time 2m 30s
Base Statistics
Life: 300
Population: 1
Attack: 150
Defense: 150
Load: 40
Food: 6
Speed: 300
Range: 50
Military Service Pikeman
Target 10 Pikemen
Food 1,500
Lumber 5,000
Iron 1,000

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