Nation Medal

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Nation Medal

A Nation medal increases a hero's loyalty by 60 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Nation Medals are one of the requirements for the following Titles:

Titles requiring Nation Medals
Title Number Required
Furstin 5
Prinzessin 15

Medal Rewards:[edit | edit source]

Medal Reward is an important encouragement system. A country gives it as award to those who make outstanding contribution to the nation. Beside as award given to heroes, it can also be used in the Persuasion of rival heroes.

Quest: The Medals: Nation Medal
Target Item Prestige Food
Nation Medal 1 Nation Medal 1 100 10,000

Medal Achievements Age II tag.png:[edit | edit source]

Achievement: The Medals: Nation Medal
Name Target Points
Nation Medal achievement.png
Nation Medal
Acquire 1 Nation Medal 10
Acquire 10 Nation Medals 25
Acquire 25 Nation Medals 50
Acquire 50 Nation Medals 100
Acquire 100 Nation Medals 200

Where to Obtain:[edit | edit source]

Level 10 NPC. Also can be obtained from high level valleys, lv 10 with heavy losses showing more yield.

The drop rate appears to be geared to the number of casualties in the attack, higher is better.

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