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Military Tradition

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Military Tradition

History:[edit | edit source]

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeating warriors go to war first and then seek to win. -Sun-Tzu

While the fall of the feudal system in Europe and the creation of standing armies, a new military tradition was born. Organizing soldiers based on their skill, experience, and understanding of tactics rather than their position of birth, the armies of post-feudal Europe were markedly different from their predecossors. This change in the definition of the soldier, and with this transformation also came a strict code of conduct based on the old ideals of chivalry. The life of a professional soldier came to appeal to many who saw it as a career filled with oppotunity for advancement, and now ordinary citizins were able to distinguish themselves in any number of specialized positions in military conflict.

General Information:[edit | edit source]

  • Each level of Military Tradition enhances army attack by 5%.
  • Requires:
  • Quest: Scientific Research:
    • Military Tradition Lv.1 Award: Gold 6,000

Level Requirements Enhance in
army attack
Food Lumber Iron Gold Research
1 800 120 200 3,000 00h 20m 00s 5%
2 1,600 240 400 6,000 00h 40m 00s 10%
3 3,200 480 800 12,000 1h 20m 00s 15%
4 6,400 960 1,600 24,000 2h 40m 00s 20%
5 12,800 1,920 3,200 48,000 5h 20m 00s 25%
6 25,600 3,840 6,400 96,000 10h 40m 00s 30%
7 51,200 7,600 12,800 192,000 21h 20m 00s 35%
8 102,400 15,360 25,600 384,000 42h 40m 00s 40%
9 204,800 30,720 51,200 768,000 85h 20m 00s 45%
10 409,600 61,440 102,400 1,536,000 170h 40m 00s 50%

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