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History:[edit | edit source]

"A god from the machine" ~ Menander

A machine is an object constructed of several parts that assists in the performance of a task. The machinery technology allows construction of fairly complex machines with metal components that store, modify and transmit energy in a useful fashion. A windmill is a machine of this type, as is a printing press. Man has used primitive machines throughout much of history. A bow can be considered a simply machine, as can a mortar and pestle. More complex machines came into being in the Middle Ages - at least in Europe. The Persians had windmills back in the seventh century B.C.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Machinery increases the rate of fortified units (those units built on the walls) instantly regenerating themselves at the end of a battle. The higher level the more wall units survive. The base rate is dependant on the unit, and every upgrade increases the total rate by an amount equal to the base rate. Level 1 allows 2 times the base, and level 10 will allow 11 times the base, for example.

If an attack would reduce the remaining fortified units of that type to zero, then the base rate is reduced to 0%, and no units of that type will regenerate at all.

Unit Base Repair Rate
Trap 5%
Abatis 5%
Archer's Tower ?*
Rollinglog 7%
Defensive Trebuchet 8%

* Towers always incur 100% loss in a losing battle

  • Each level of Machinery Increases repairable rate of fortified units
  • Requires:
  • Quest: Scientific Research:
    • Machinery Lv.1 Award: Gold

Level Requirements Increased
Rate (xbase)
Lumber Stone Iron Gold Research
1 600 700 800 5,500 40m 00s 2x
2 1,200 1,400 1,600 11,000 1h 20m 00s 3x
3 2,400 2,800 3,200 22,000 2h 40m 00s 4x
4 4,800 5,600 6,400 44,000 5h 20m 00s 5x
5 9,600 11,200 12,800 88,000 10h 40m 00s 6x
6 19,200 22,400 25,600 166,000 21h 20m 00s 7x
7 38,400 44,800 51,200 352,000 42h 40m 00s 8x
8 76,800 89,600 102,400 704,000 85h 20m 00s 9x
9 153,600 179,200 240,800 1,408,000 170h 40m 00s 10x
10 307,200 358,400 409,600 2,816,000 341h 20m 00s 11x

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