Lion Medal

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Lion Medal

A Lion medal increases a hero's loyalty by 15 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Lion Medals are one of the requirements for the following Titles:

Titles requiring Lion Medals
Title Number Required
Baronet 5
Baron 10
Prinzessin* 10

* Older Servers (Confirmed on Servers 23 & 32)

Lion Medals are one of the requirements for the following Ranks:

Ranks requiring Lion Medals
Rank Number Required
Colonel 5

Medal Rewards:[edit | edit source]

Medal Reward is an important encouragement system. A country gives it as award to those who make outstanding contribution to the nation. Beside as award given to heroes, it can also be used in the Persuasion of rival heroes.

Quest: The Medals: Lion Medal
Target Item Prestige Food
Lion Medal 1 Lion Medal 2 100 10,000

Medal Achievements Age II tag.png:[edit | edit source]

Achievement: The Medals: Lion Medal
Name Target Points
Lion Medal achievement.png
Lion Medal
Acquire 1 Lion Medal 10
Acquire 10 Lion Medals 25
Acquire 25 Lion Medals 50
Acquire 50 Lion Medals 100
Acquire 100 Lion Medals 200

Where/How to Obtain Age II tag.png:[edit | edit source]

Obtaining the medals should be pretty easy. They don't have the highest drop rate, but it's definitely higher than Rose Medals. I've gotten about 4 lions in merely 2, probably closer to 1 hour of wave attacking. It seems that attacking a level 4 desert with about 1 scout and 350-400 archers is the best way with minimal losses. Make sure, also, to have a high-intel hero in your waves, because he/she seemed to be the one who got the medals from the waves.

Lion medals seemed to drop at about a rate of 1 every 30-40 attacks, but it was with the highest intelligence hero, and about 5-6 other heroes also waving the same valley/npc. The theorem is that having a good amount of waves attacking(5-9at a time) gets the chance for a medal up higher, and then having the intelligence heroes in the mix adds a bonus to the chances. Seems to work so far!

Got a lion medal very recently from a level 1 with 1000 scouts(I was trying to get some rose medals, and got frustrated) and a hero with about 92 intelligence, but I highly dis-recommend this method, unless you have the scouts to waste.

No medal farming method is completely solid. Some work for people, and others do not. Do not complain to others about not being able to find medals, and blame the source. It probably worked for them, but doesn't for you.

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