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Iron Working

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Iron Working

History:[edit | edit source]

Iron Working is the ancient form of work that many people in the days used as means of income. They would do this by working iron into various weapons and Armour. Then selling it to noble folk.

Attack is the best way to defend - "On War" - Carl von Clausewitz

Some examples of iron oramentation date back to 4000 BC, but the use of iron for tools, weapons, and other practical purposes did not become common until much later. Prior on this time, bronze was the most widely used metal for such purposes. Although the term "Iron Age" demotes a period of time starting around 1000 BC, iron replaced bronze as the metal of choice at different times in different places. Iron is more common than copper and tin, the component metals of bronze, but iron is seldom found in a free state; it is most commonly found mixed with other minerals and elements. In order to be used, the iron must be separated from the core. Once this technique was developed, and forges hot enough to melt the iron was harder, less brittle, and could hold a much sharper edge then bronze.

General Information:[edit | edit source]

  • Each level of Iron Working increases army defense by 5%.
  • Requires:
  • Quest: Scientific Research:
    • Iron Working Lv.1 Award: Gold 7,000

Level Requirements Increased
Food Lumber Iron Gold Construction
1 700 150 300 3,500 25m 00s 5%
2 1,400 300 600 7,000 50m 00s 10%
3 2,800 600 1,200 14,000 1h 40m 00s 15%
4 5,600 1,200 2,400 28,000 3h 20m 00s 20%
5 11,200 2,400 4,800 56,000 6h 40m 00s 25%
6 22,400 4,800 9,600 112,000 13h 20m 00s 30%
7 44,800 9,600 19,200 224,000 26h 40m 00s 35%
8 89,600 19,200 38,400 448,000 53h 20m 00s 40%
9 179,200 38,400 76,800 896,000 106h 40m 00s 45%
10 358,400 76,800 153,600 1,792,000 213h 20m 00s 50%

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