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The Inn is used to recruit Heroes. Increasing the level of Inn allows for more Heroes of higher level to be present at any point in time. The quality of available Heroes varies.

There is a trade-off between initial level and Stats for Politics, Attack and Intelligence. Higher level Heroes hit diminishing returns for improvements - each Stat increase requires more experience. This makes a low level Hero that can be developed a much more attractive recruiting prospect than a higher level one with better Stats. Financially, low level Heroes are cheap to hire and keep. In this L5 Inn example, Rachel has the best Attack Stat, but at level 22 she costs 22k to sign on and then 440 gold/hr. Her next level up for a Stat increase is at 48400 experience, and the next level will be even higher. Faithe is cheap to hire and keep and won't need much experience to level up, but her Stats are unimpressive. The Inn population resets over time, so in this example it's a quick "Thank you for your time today. Next!"

History:[edit | edit source]

The early Inn found in Europe may have sprang up when the Romans built their system of roads throughout Europe. Some Inns in Europe date back several centuries. These Inns provided accommodations, food, lodging, stabling, and fodder for the traveler's horses, as well as being a community meeting place.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Prerequisite Food Lumber Stone Iron Costs Time Heroes
1 Cottage Lvl.2 300 2,000 1,000 400 4m 00s 1
2 600 4,000 2,000 800 8m 00s 2
3 1,200 8,000 4,000 1,600 16m 00s 3
4 2,400 16,000 8,000 3,200 32m 00s 4
5 4,800 32,000 16,000 6,400 1h 4m 00s 5
6 9,600 64,000 32,000 12,800 2h 8m 00s 6
7 19,200 128,000 64,000 25,600 4h 16m 00s 7
8 38,400 256,000 128,000 51,200 8h 32m 00s 8
9 76,800 512,000 256,000 102,400 17h 4m 00s 9
10 Cottage Lvl.2
Michelangelo's Script
153,600 1,024,000 512,000 204,800 34h 8m 00s 10

Quest awards[edit | edit source]

Hero Recruitment:Inn
Target Food Lumber Stone Iron
Level 1 500 2,000 1,000 500

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