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This article is about the player points. For the medal see Honor Medal.

Honor shield.png Honor is a player point system that is a factor to determine your rank within Evony.

Gaining Honor[edit | edit source]

You can gain Honor by attacking or defending locations and losing fewer troops resource-wise than the other player. If you have been attacked (even in a valley), attacking the city that attacked you can result in a rise in Honor (by defending what was taken). Attacking a hostile city or city's valley can result in higher honor if you lose fewer resources in the battle. Honor brings a lower wounded proportion on all attacks, so it is best to shed Honor as soon as it is gained. See below for how to do this. However, by keeping Honor high, you reduce losing your hero when defeated, which can happen with low Honor, regardless of hero loyalty (this pertains to Age II; usage of this statistic in Age I ia currently unknown).

Losing Honor[edit | edit source]

You lose honor by continuing to attack a location and losing more resources than the other player. You can also lose honor by attacking or defending against a player whose rank is much lower than yours. One of the best ways to lose Honor is by attacking players that has more than 3k of AT (Archer's Tower) and other defenses as well. Send a SB/SS(Scout Bomb/Scout Spam) to lose more than 500k of Honor! But remember, always have your worst hero with the attack, and attack the person you want to lose honor on (honor dumping). And it is better to send 30k archery to lose 200k honor. Also you can loose Honor by attacking somebody with no troops.

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