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General Information[edit | edit source]

In order to recruit a hero, you must first own both an Inn and a Feasting Hall. Your hero can help with the speed of building, researching, and the production of troops in your Barracks. You also need a hero to attack. There are three types of heroes (Intelligence, or Intel hero, used for scouting, for just giving a flat life bonus to troops (recommended to use Intel hero ONLY when you are sure that the fight will only last one round)) or for shortening research time. Politics hero, for speeding up fortified units (traps, abatis, archer towers (ATs), rolling logs, and defensive trebs (DTs)) (by a small amount of time) but mainly for gaining more resources. Attack hero is obvious. When you send your Attack hero on attacks, he/she gives an attack bonus to all troops. Also, the Attack hero shortens troop training time. The attack hero is the most useful. The Politics hero is the second useful. The Intel hero is the least useful. It is recommended that you have 1 Intel, 1 Politics, and 8 Attack heroes. (Not including your King/Queen) King/Queens don't take up any space in your Feasting Hall, assuming your Feasting Hall is level 10. It is recommended to give your heroes armor, giving them a bonus for whatever thing you want them to be (to determine what type of hero a hero is, look at thier base stats. Whichever one is highest, that's what they are). When I am new on a server, I generally shop around for heroes who fit the following equation (Main Stat minus Level) > (bigger than) 55. By the time I am able to farm NPC's, using ballistas that 55 becomes a 60. When I am ready to conquer (drop loyalty down to 0) a level 8 NPC, that 60 becomes a 65. After I have taken a level 10, and I have my Queen/King, I look for Attack heroes who have high Intellect values as well. What I look for is the following: Attack + Intelligence - level > 120. This is very rare, but it is worth it. Heroes are an important part of the game. This is also helpful for a mayor.

Inn[edit | edit source]

Once you have both, you can go to the Inn and select from the available choices. If these choices aren't preferable, you can click Refresh to consume a Hero Hunting scroll (purchased in shop or won with Aries Amulet) to look for a different selection. You can also farm the Inn by hiring and firing heroes to change the selection until you find an ideal hero. Also if your inn is level 1 you can destroy and rebuild over and over again, you gain an extremely small amount of prestige as well. However, this type of prestige gaining is not recommended because it'll take a large amount of time (probably a few months, maybe YEARS) before you get any sizable amount of prestige.

Hero Level Politics Attack Intelligence Loyalty Employment Fee Action
Rodney 2 41 65 45 70 2,000 Recruit
Linda 10 72 8 45 70 10,000 Recruit
Quest: Hero Recruitment: Hero Upgrade
Target Items Prestige Gold
Upgrade Hero Holy Water (1) - 1,000
Quest: Hero Recruitment: Hero Hunting
Target Items Prestige Gold
Apply Hero Hunting Hero Hunting (2)
Holy Water (1)
100 5,000

Costs of Owning a Hero[edit | edit source]

The formula is as follows: S=L*20

  • Where as S is salary, and L is the level of the hero.

As you can see, employment fees are directly related to the level of the hero. This is a one time fee for recruitment. After that, you must pay a salary. The salary is also related to the level of the hero with a 1:20 ratio, meaning that Rodney would have a salary of 40 and Linda would have a salary of 200. This salary, like with all other resources, are paid out over the course of an hour and are visible as a decrease in Net Income.

Feasting Hall[edit | edit source]

At the Feasting Hall you can manage your heroes' attributes and duties.

Hero Level Politics Attack Intelligence Loyalty Status Recall Action
Rodney 2 41 36 21 70 Idle Recall View
Linda 10 56 27 45 70 Mayor Recall View

As you can see you have a similar interface as the Inn, but with a few new buttons:

  • Recruit will send you back to the Inn's Interface.
  • Appoint Mayor will open the Appointment screen where you can select which hero will be Mayor of your town. In this case, you can see Linda is the Mayor via the Status. The Mayor may not be used to lead attacks on others -- only Idle heros may. However, Mayors provide bonuses to the production of resources, troop recruitment, and research time. More on this can be found at Stats.
  • Recall will bring a hero who is at a different place (such as a valley) back to town.
  • View brings up the hero interface where you can distribute points to upgrade heroes after you level them. The higher the level of a hero is, the more experience is required for the next level and the more drag on player finances. There is a little green plus sign next to the hero's name which can be used to apply hero improvement items.
  • If you have captured a Hero as a result of a battle, they will appear here with Loyalty level 0. This will only happen if your Feasting Hall level is higher than your current Hero total. You can Persuade captured Heroes to join you with Gold equivalent to a Hiring Fee (level * 1,000) or release them if they have low stats. Anything more than a base of 60 (Base=Highest Stat-Level) on at least one stat is a reasonable criterion. High level Heroes can only be persuaded with a higher title (apparently one title promotion for every 10 levels). However, it appears that the hundreds place value in the levels is ignored when determining the title needed to persuade. This may be a glitch of some kind.
    • For example, to persuade a level 38 Hero, your title much reach Baron. But, a Knight might be able to persuade a level 112 hero.

Hero Evaluation[edit | edit source]

The overall power of a hero may be ascertained with a simple equation. First, add all of the current stats (politics, attack and intelligence) together. Next, subtract the hero's current level -- this will give you the hero's base stat score. The higher the base score, the more potential a hero has. However, heroes may be used for specialized jobs, in which case you are looking for the highest individual stat and the base score would not be so important. (After evaluation of my own heroes I found base scores ranging between 96 and 149)

I have another way to evaluate a hero: look at attack, intelligence and politics separately. Base strength = value - level: level 7 hero with attack 72 has an attack base of 65. Try to recruit a hero with a base higher than 65. Best case in Age I is 69; in Age II, it seems to be higher as I have gotten Level 3 Hero from Inn with base of 78. Sometimes you can capture a hero with high base, and after redisribution it gets even higher. My best was 71. Find 3 main heroes, the rest is attack hero. When academy is done you can dismiss the intelligence hero, or redistribute his level to attack.

Base stats could also be defined as the score of the highest stat of the hero when at level 1. Good heroes have base stat values of 65 or higher.

Energy[edit | edit source]

(Tested in na40). Every hero has a stat called energy. This can be replenished by tea, luigi wine, panax ginseng, and essential oil. If the strength is below 4, the hero cannot attack. Every battle, strength is either reduced by 3 or 4. Recuperating energy without items is long and hard, but the higher the hero's loyalty is, the faster the strength goes up. Excess medal farming can cause this dillema, especially if you do it with bots.

== NOTE == This does not apply to AGE I


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