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Embassies host troops from alliance members and will guard a cities open gate. Those who are hurt in battle are sent immediately to their origin city medic camp in the senders rally spot. A reinforcer should be made aware of their troops having been in a battle as they may have troops to heal.

At Level 1, you can join alliances created by other players, apply and accept invitations. At Level 2, you can establish an alliance yourself and perform joint operations where you diplomacy with other alliances and sort them into friendly\neutral\hostile status's. Be sure the hosts of those alliances you put into the friendly group reciprocate, this protects your valleys from being thieved by friendly neighbors. The host can increase the limit of alliance members by upgrading the embassy.

Cities hosting troops are required to provide food for those troops.

If you are reinforcing an ally, send your troops fully laden with food, they may overstay their own supply and become a burden to the city they are aiding. Remember to send intermittent transports of additional supplies\food\love to the reinforcers so they may not cause any negative reports to be generated on the members account.

Building an Embassy completes the Alliance:Embassy Quest.

History[edit | edit source]

Early civilizations realized that warfare was not the best way for a nations development. Friendly contact with neighboring countries became the best way for a country to survive. Envoys were sent to other cities and countries to establish good relationships or to attempt avoid war. The envoys lived and worked in an embassy in the other country or city.

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

Level Prerequisite Food Lumber Stone Iron Costs Time Garrisons
1 Town Hall Lv.2 200 2,000 500 300 12m 00s 1 10
2 400 4,000 1,000 600 24m 00s 2 20
3 800 8,000 2,000 1,200 48m 00s 3 30
4 1,600 16,000 4,000 2,400 1h 36m 00s 4 40
5 3,200 32,000 8,000 4,800 3h 12m 00s 5 50
6 6,400 64,000 16,000 9,600 6h 24m 00s 6 60
7 12,800 128,000 32,000 19,200 12h 48m 00s 7 70
8 25,600 256,000 64,000 38,400 25h, 36m 00s 8 80
9 51,200 512,000 128,000 76,800 51h 12m 00s 9 90
10 Town Hall Lv.2
Michelangelo's Script
102,400 1,024,000 256,000 153,600 102h 24m 002 10 100

Quest awards[edit | edit source]

Alliance: Embassy
Target Food Lumber Stone Iron
Level 1 500 2,000 1,000 500

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