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A defensive trebuchet, formerly known as a Rock Fall, is a type of fortified unit consisting of a mechanical rock sling. Due to the long time and effort it takes to reset and reload these units, they can only fire once in an attack and must be rebuilt to be used again.

General Information:[edit | edit source]

Evidently the poetic Chinese 'Rock Fall' translates to actually mean 'Defensive Trebuchet'. "Constant falling rocks to destroy rival mechanic units", ie siege equipment - namely Ballistas, Battering Rams and Catapults. Be warned that due to Medieval Technology, these are 'one shot wonders' that break and have to be rebuilt after every use. Construction time is affected by Construction Research and your Hero's Politics Skill. Construction Time = BaseTime*(0.9^Const)*(0.995^(Poli/4))

This can be changed by researching Machinery With the development of simple machinery the Defensive Trebuchet's may be reload during battle. (Machinery increases the rate of fortified units (those units built on the walls) instantly regenerating themselves at the end of a battle. The higher level the more wall units survive. The base rate is dependant on the unit, and every upgrade increases the total rate by an amount equal to the base rate. Level 1 allows 2 times the base, and level 10 will allow 11 times the base, for example.) Originally these were a short range defense, so Ballistas and Catapults could easily destroy them, but the late May 2009 range change now makes them very useful against these mechanics. They are now on a par with Traps and Abatis - your troops must encounter them before attacking the inner defences. The L10 NPC city is now a formidable opponent with 1375 of these pounding your army.

Defensive Trebuchets on walls converting attacking Cataphracts and Warriors into Jello.
Walls Level 7
Metal Casting Level 6
Food 600
Stone 8,000
Costs Time 10m 00s
# fortified spaces 5
Base Statistics
Attack: 800
Range: 5,000
Quest: Fortification: Defensive Trebuchet
Target 10 Defensive Trebuchets
Defensive Trebuchets 10
Stone 50,000
This fills 100 units of available fortified spaces.

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