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Cross Medal

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Cross Medal

A Cross medal increase a hero's loyalty by 5 when rewarded and is used for hero persuasion.

Cross Medals are one of the requirements for the following Titles:

Titles requiring Cross Medals
Title Number Required
Knight 10
Prinzessin* 20

* Older Servers (Confirmed on Servers 23 & 32)

Cross Medals are one of the requirements for the following Rank:

Rank requiring Cross Medals
Rank Number Required
Captain 5

Medal Rewards:[edit | edit source]

Medal Reward is an important encouragement system. A country gives it as award to those who make outstanding contribution to the nation. Beside as award given to heroes, it can also be used in the Persuasion of rival heroes.

Quest: The Medals: Cross Medal
Target Item Prestige Food
Cross Medal 1 Cross Medal 1 100 10,000

Medal Achievements Age II tag.png:[edit | edit source]

Achievement: The Medals: Cross Medal
Name Target Points
Cross Medal achievement.png
Cross Medal
Acquire 1 Cross Medal 10
Acquire 10 Cross Medals 25
Acquire 25 Cross Medals 50
Acquire 50 Cross Medals 100
Acquire 100 Cross Medals 200

Where/How to Obtain Age II tag.png:[edit | edit source]

You can find them mainly in level 1-4 valleys. Had good luck waving 1k scouts and high intelligence heroes at a level 1 flat with about 15-25 losses per-attack, since they have the least protection/defense. Highly recommended to not use this method unless you have scouts to waste. Even then, it's not a great idea.

Would also try attacking level 2 valleys with somewhere between 50-75 archers, or 35-45 cavalry(with low losses if there are pikemen defending) at it.Try hitting level 2 flats with 1000 archers.I get lots of cross and rose by this.

Most common method that works the best is about 200 archers and a scout ona low level valleys (Level 1-4). Hero stats does not matter so much, although attack is not a bad thing.

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