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Chest Gearing.png
Chest Gearing1.png
Gearing lvl 1
Chest Gearing2.png
Gearing lvl 2

Chest Gearing technology enhances hero's attack, politics, or intelligence attribute.

History[edit | edit source]

There is no armor against fate. ~ James Shirley

In medieval warfare, no piece of armor was more essential than the breastplate. Whether fashioned from a simple hide, boiled leather or polished steel, it provided defense from all sorts of attacks. The best chest armor provided the same defense while allowing greater speed and movement.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Critical impact was hit on the hero's chest, but he survived it and even had the strength to fight back. That's what a magnificent breastplate account for. It protects the upper torso and a highly-decorated one is worn to show off glory in parade tour.

  • Each level of Chest Gearing increases hero's attribute.
  • Requires:
  • Quest: Hero Gear:Forging Breastplates Age II tag.png

Level * Requirements Cooldown Increase in
attribute points
Workshop Item Fabric Iron
1 Level 1 1 1 1h 35m 1
2 Level 2 1 1 3h 12m 2
3 Level 3 The Lost Armor Script 2 2 3

*The star level will be downgraded by one after the upgrade but the maximum star level will be increased by one.

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