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How to Build a City[edit | edit source]

  1. Promote yourself to an appropriate rank and title to enable ownership of another city.
  2. Have 10k of each resource and 250 workers in one of your existing cities.
  3. Conquer a Flat.
  4. Optional: Select a city to withdraw your hero and troops to.
  5. Open the Map view, select the flat, and click Build City.
  6. You will then be asked to name your city.

Note: It will take time to build the city. You will see your progress in the list of cities under your player status window, and in your Army Movement Reports. Hint: To instantly build a city, start the Build City mission right before server maintenance, because it will complete automatically during maintenance, no matter how much time it says it will take.

Hint: If you find yourself caught short without workers right when you want them, check to see if you have any Junior Battalions hiding in your chest items.

How to build a NPC[edit | edit source]

  1. Launch a mission and conquer a flat.
    • Be sure to send enough food to feed your army for the return trip.
    • The level of the NPC depends on the level of the conquered flat.
  2. Select the nearest city you wish to withdraw your hero and troops to.
  3. Open the Map view, click on the flat, and click Build City.
  4. When it asks to "Recall your troops", select OK.
    • If you screwed this up, you will have to go to great lengths to Salvage your hero.
      1. send enough resources to build what is needed to allow them to march, feed your army while building, and have enough food on hand to allow them to march.
      2. Build a level 2 Cottage, an Inn, a Feasting Hall, and a Rally Spot.
      3. Enter the Feasting Hall and remove the Mayor.
      4. Enter the Rally Spot and March your army and hero to your nearest town.
    • Your hero will require at least one troop to escort him when he marches.
  5. Enter a Town Hall of a different city.
  6. Select the "Cities" tab and click on "Abandon" next to the new city.

The abandoned city will instantly become an NPC, but you may need to move your map in order to see the change.