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Back Gearing.png
Back Gearing
Back Gearing1.png
Back Gearing lvl 1
Back Gearing2.png
Back Gearing lvl 2

Back Gearing technology enhances hero's attack, politics, or intelligence attribute.

History[edit | edit source]

Only trust thyself, and another shall not betray thee. ~ William Penn

The back is perhaps the most important area of the body to armor. An attack from the front can be blocked or deflected, but an attack from the rear will hit every time.

General Information[edit | edit source]

The manufacture of these prestigious feathered items was a highly skilled and time-consuming craft, restricted to men of high status. Each piece of netting was made separately, accompanied by the recitation of protective prayers. Such a cloak provided its important wearer with sacred protection when worn in dangerous situations.

  • Each level of Back Gearing increases hero's attribute.
  • Requires:
  • Quest: Hero Gear:Forging Cloaks Age II tag.png
    • Back Gearing Lv.1 Award: Fabric 2

Level * Requirements Cooldown Increase in
attribute points
Workshop The Lost Armor Script Fabric
1 Level 1 1 1h 35m 1
2 Level 2 2 3h 12m 2
3 Level 3 1 4 6h 24m 3
4 Level 4 1 6 12h 48m 4
5 Level 5 1 8 25h 36m 5
6 Level 6 1 10 51h 12m 6
7 Level 7 1 12 102h 24m 7
8 Level 8 1 14 204h 48m 8
9 Level 9 1 16 409h 36m 9
10 Level 10 1 18 819h 12m 10

*Each time you upgrade an item, the current star level will be downgraded by one, but the maximum star level will be increased by one.

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