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Attacking is a way to occupy a territory, gain additional resources by pillaging or eliminating a hostile army.

Attacking Basics[edit | edit source]

There are two different ways to perform an attack.

  • click the Map button to open the world map Map Button
  • launch the attack from your Rally Spot

Map Button[edit | edit source]

Clicking the Map button will give an overview of the province you are in and your neighbors. To attack, click on any tile in the map view to gain details of the area. Displayed is some key information that is vital to a successful attack.

Attack Breakdown
  • Coordinates GreenArrow.jpg The location in X,Y of the tile
  • Owner GreenArrow.jpg The current owner of the tile
  • Type and Level GreenArrow.jpg Type of tile resource and the level of the tile
  • State GreenArrow.jpg The state the tile is located in (useful if sent coordinates from another player to get an idea of how far away the tile is)
  • Attack Button GreenArrow.jpg Initiates the attack
  • Scout Button GreenArrow.jpg Initiates a Scouting maneuver

P.S.- The words for the status is wrong in the picture- The guy didn't know what he was talking about.

Rally Spot[edit | edit source]

The rally spot allows another way to launch an attack providing you have the X,Y coordinates prior to the attack. Click the March button and this will display the attacking window. Army size is limited to 10,000 times the Rally Spot level, eg 20,000 for this one.

Note: you can apply a war ensign (see under my items on your Evony game page upper right) to increase this max by 25%

Attacking Window[edit | edit source]

Attack Window

  • Select Armies GreenArrow.jpg Select the soldiers you will be sending to battle
    • Max GreenArrow.jpg Selects all soldiers including Scouts
    • Clear GreenArrow.jpg Clears your selection
    • Apply War Ensign GreenArrow.jpg Increases Rally Spot army limits by 25%, requires item
  • Mission Requirements GreenArrow.jpg The minimum amount of food required to feed your army as it marches (deducted from your resources when starting the march) and the amount of resources your army is able to carry
ExampleIcon.PNG Example: In a successful pillage your army may acquire some resources that can be returned to your city. The Load Vacancy is the maximum amount of resources you can carry from the pillage. Load Vacancy is also required when transferring resources from one city to another
  • Target GreenArrow.jpg Coordinates for the tile you are attacking
  • Mission GreenArrow.jpg The Mission type. Can be either Attack, Scout, Reinforce or Transport
  • Hero GreenArrow.jpg The Hero to send on the mission. A Hero is mandatory for an Attack
  • Camp Time GreenArrow.jpg Allows players to launch the Hero on a mission at any time and coordinate its arrival time. Camp time is added to the travel time to the target. It is not added to the travel time back from the target.
  • Resources GreenArrow.jpg Resources to send with the army. In a Transfer Mission, add the resources you wish to send
  • Estimated time based on the above settings GreenArrow.jpg Estimated arrival time to the destination and the return.

Attacking NPC cities[edit | edit source]

NPC cities will always have a static number of defenses based on the level of the city. Detailed discussion of NPC attacking may be found here.

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