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Attack[edit | edit source]

Attack is an action where soldiers are sent to invade other player's cities/land. Evony revolves around attacking and this can be divided into several types:

  • Farm--Farming is when a player attacks another player repeatedly for resources. Not necessarily an act of conquering.
  • Plunder--Only one attack and usually the player has only enough troops to wipe out the fortifications and/or troops. Plunder is for quick resource-gatherings.
  • Conquer--The worst type of attack for the defender. The attacker attacks in waves and may be supported. Can easily bring loyalty down, however, if the player is online, it is hard to conquer. Conquering can only occur when the defender has more than one city.
  • Scout Bomb (SB)--Used to eliminate defenses. Not effective against large number of different types of troops or NPC's. Should NOT be used on flats.
  • NPC Farming--Same as farming a player except NPC regenerates quickly.
  • NPC Conquering--Usually takes more time to do it as NPC's loyalty and defense regenerates.
  • Conquer (Flats)--The easiest type of attacking. If attacker wins, the player obtains the flat (if enough space too.)
  • Waves--A series of attacks with a short elapsed time from each other.
  • Prestige Farm--Occurs only with NPC's. Used to raise prestige up.
  • Honor Farm--Rarely done, but players attack to raise honor.
  • Medal Hunting--An attack in which the player seeks for medals. Usually flats are targeted for "low-level medals" while NPC's are targeted for "high-level medals".
  • Other--There are other types, but the above are main or notable.

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Here the troops used for attacking:

Worker--a weak unit but good for transporting; slow however

Warrior--easy to train, basic, and supports the basic defense of your kingdom

Scout--fast, elite, and secretive; you use these sneaky guys to give you reports on your enemy

Pikeman--tough units with huge pikes; effective against unsuspecting horsemen

Swordsman--strong units equipped with a beautiful tool...the sword

Archer--very good at wiping out people, good at medal hunting...well flats

Cavalry--quick, agile, but sadly...weak

Cataphract--slow, strongish, but still sadly...weak...ish

Transporter--better than workers

Ballista--a unit that make the archer's bows look like spitballs

Battering Ram--these guy are good at knock knock jokes.....too bad people don't have time to laugh...they PANIC!

Catapult--they hurl tons of rock into people's homes...the SKY IS FALLING!

Here are the technologies that attribute to attacking:

Military Tradition--Enhances troop's attack.

Iron Working--Enhances troop's defense.

Logistics--Support more resource load so troops can go farther with resources and attack farther targets.

Compass--Increase speed of infantry.

Horseback Riding--Increase speed of horseman and machine battle units.

Archery--Increase accuracy and range of archers, ballistas, and catapults.

Medicine--Enhances troop's life.

Hero's attributes (attack), will also affect the troop.

There are many methods of attacking. You can find these methods explained throughout The Evony Wiki. Search "NPC Farming" or any attacking method you can think of and hopefully you can find the RIGHT attack for you. This page is just to "explain" attack.