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General Information[edit | edit source]

An Abatis is a type of fortified unit consisting of wooden barricades with spear points. It is effective only against mounted troops, such as cavalry and cataphract. It has no effect on other units.
Construction time is affected by Construction Research and your Hero's Politics Skill. Construction Time = BaseTime*(0.9^Const)*(0.995^Poli)

Like all Evony defences it is only effective in huge numbers.

Walls Level 2
Metal Casting Level 1
Food 100
Lumber 1,200
Iron 150
Costs Time 2m 00s
# fortified spaces 2
Quest: Fortification: Abatis
Target 10 Abatis
Abatis 90
Lumber 10,000
Iron 2,000
This fills 200 units of available fortified spaces.

Other Information[edit | edit source]

Obstacle formed of the branches of trees laid in a row, with the tops directed towards the enemy. The trees are usually interlaced or tied with wire. Abatisses are used alone or in combination with wire entanglement and other obstacles. Abatisses are used in war to keep the approaching enemy under fire for as long as possible. Most useful against highly mobilized troops such as horse men.

Defending your city[edit | edit source]

As only Cavalry can destroy abatis it is good to have some just to stop your city from being captured too quickly. Your city can be captured even if all your defenses are not destroyed. Therefor more abatis you have the more enemy's cavalry will be killed if they try to use Cav's to capture you city quickly.

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