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A Scout Report is produced by a scout mission and appears in the Reports window. It is a disclosure of the intelligence gained about a target location by scout troops. It is broken into several sections. The details included in the scout report depend on the success of the mission, the level of informatics of the player, and the intelligence of the hero sent in the mission.

[edit] Sections

[edit] Troops

This section shows the types and numbers of troops at the target location. If the level of informatics versus the level of the target is too low, then the followig descriptions are used instead of exact numbers.
Troop Number Conversion in Scouting:

Few: 1-24
Pack: 25-49
Lots: 50-99
Horde: 100-249
Throng: 250-499
Swarm: 500-999
Zounds: 1,000-2,499
Legion: 2,500-4,999
Bulk: 5,000-9,999
Giga: 10,000+

These number game from a guide posted on the Evony Forum. Also worth noting is that these terms come from