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Food is one of the resources of the game. It is needed to sustain troops.


[edit] Acquisition

[edit] Production

Initially, food is produced by a Farm, purchased from the Evony system store using Game Coins, won by exchanging amulets at the Wheel of Fortune, or possibly acquired from chests.

[edit] Trade

Secondary to that, food can be plundered from other cities, transported to other cities, or traded at the city Marketplace.

[edit] Consumption

Food is consumed by offensive units (troops). If not enough food is available for troops, the units will abandon your city.

The rate at which food is consumed by troops is indicated in the resource tab. When the mouse is scrolled over the line for food, it is displayed as Troops Upkeep. It is also displayed in the Production report in the City Hall menu.

[edit] Per Unit

The rate that each unit consumes is listed in the Barracks menu when the mouse pointer is placed over the unit icon. Unfortunately, the time period for the given metric is not specified.