Farming NPCs on the second day, a beginners guide to fast progression

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Note: The validity of this advice is in dispute. Please check the discussion page for details.


[edit] Farming NPC's on Day 2, a beginners guide to fast progression

First, understand that the method I am describing is extremely risky, but can be extremely profitable. It involves getting off of Beginners Protection (BP) early, and could lead to becoming a target of bigger and stronger players while in a weak condition. Therefore, it should only be done on a new server. This prevents bigger players from even being in existence yet. Still, there is risk. Consider it as risky as not being innoculated for polio in a culture where 99% of the population is innoculated. You are protected by their immunity. Using this method, you will be off of BP, and your neighbors (Hopefully) will still be on BP and unable to attack you.

Second, understand that a certain level of devotion is required for this to work. If you cannot devote a few days in a row to Evony, this will take much longer than the 2 days I have projected. Being unable to put in the time necessary increases your risk of being a target, and yet, it may still be very profitable.

Third, by profitable, I mean having the resources to build what you want, when you want. No more waiting on production for resources, just steal them, or buy them on the market with the gold you have stolen.

[edit] Getting Started

Focus on Population and resources initially. Follow the quests. Some if not most of the early quests Reward more resources than they require. Do those first. Do what it takes to get a number of Barracks on line (6 minimum, one at level 2). Also you will need a rally point, an Inn, and a Feasting Hall. Your goal should be to have:

  • a Hero
  • a Level 4 Town Hall
  • 10000 scouts
  • a minimum of 2250 Warriors and 1250 Workers
  • the resources necessary to build a Level 5 Town Hall.

[edit] Take Stock

  1. Make sure you have at least 1 or 2 Level 1 NPCs near you (Within 10 miles)
  2. Make sure you do not have a bigger stronger neighbor next to you who is going to farm your resources as soon as you are off of BP.
  3. Make sure you have an hour or two to devote to the game over the next few days.

[edit] Take a Leap of Faith

  1. Build a Level 5 Town Hall.
  2. Scout the closest Level 1 NPC to you. Make sure it has all of its resources. (See NPC cities guide) Note the time it takes to get to the city with your scouts.
  3. Attack the Level 1 NPC you scouted. Use the entire army as described.
  4. Use the resources you collect from the NPC to rebuild your army to its former levels.
  5. Use the profits to speed your development along.
  6. Use the profits to build a second army if needed.

[edit] Things You Should Know

  1. You will lose roughly 750 infantry each time you attack a Level 1 NPC with an army as described, start building them in advance of your attack, in preparation for your next attack.
  2. You can use fewer infantry as your technology and Heroes attack level improve.
  3. Level 2 NPCs can also be farmed this way. Use 3000 Warriors and 1500 Workers
  4. Using fewer workers will lead to leaving behind valuable resources. They are the ones carrying your hard earned plunder. Dont skimp.

[edit] The Next Level

  1. Make your next goal Ballista Production.
  2. Read everything in the Evonypedia, especially on NPC farming without losses AND on creating NPC cities. These skills will be what carry you to the end of the game. Without them, you will flounder and become a farm to a better player.
  3. Collect medals. This is the hardest part of the game. Start early.
  4. Your Prestige should be high enough by day 4 that every Alliance on the server is trying to get you to join. Join one, teleport to their location, and start building NPCs to farm.
  5. Most of all, remember it is a game, and have fun!!

Good Luck!