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[edit] Barbarian/NPC Farming Attacks

This is a Ballista / NPC farming table and is not accurate at all. I don't have a life. The lower level NPC's can supply all the resources a huge army or growing city requires without any expenditure other than time. Number of carts to carry off the booty will vary with Logisitics Research level. The Hero's Attack Stat is important as losses can be sustained even at low NPC levels with a poor leader. The NPC will take about 8 hours to regenerate resources, (NB: defences are much faster) so try for two attacks a day. At lower levels, do not send any troops other than Ballista and Carts - they are sacrificed for no gain. At L6 and above the NPC's have Defensive Trebuchets, and greater range from higher walls to carry out counter-battery fire against an attacker, so sacrificial "cannon fodder" should be included in the attack to soak up the defences while the Ballistae do their work. Check out the article on Range to see what you're up against. Horse Riding level also has an impact, the higher the quicker the Ballistae close up and the fewer the losses. Just a little add on If you have at least 9 arch and 8hbr and 10 logistics with a hero over 80 attack you can farm 5s out completely out with 400 ballis and 400 trans and if you send 1000 warriors with the attack you will lose them but your hero gains alot more exp (this is optional)

LevelBallistasLostTroops Shield / LossHero ExperienceResultArchery LevelHorseRiding Level
54500090kwin 109
6656654kW/4kW 5kA/5kA75kloss76
* Casualties unavoidable from this level. Max out Research to minimize *
61.6k21720 kW / 20 kW300kwin109
4k36850 kW/7.7 kW 10kA/4kA440kwin109
85k040 kW/4.9 kW 30kA/9.2kA679kwin109
5k40350kW/7kW 22kA/9.9kA666kwin109
95k050kW/37.5kW 30kA/9.6kA1072kwin109
4.5k040kW/29.6kW 40kA/9.2kA1074kwin109
105k5k34kW/34kW 38kA/38kA 750C/750C552kloss109
1016K081k Archers/11k Lost, 1 each other soldiers. 100+ Attack hero.
1014K9K73k Archers/73k Lost. 100+ Attack hero.


Entries on this table can only be gathered at some expense, but will be updated as and when new data
becomes available. Please feel free to add your own.

  • NB: Where Ballista numbers are shown in green above, the attacking side has
    • >100 Attack stat Hero (>130 for L10's)
    • 1W/1S/1P/1Cv Archery Tower fodder
  • Results will almost certainly be worse with lower stats and levels.
  • Single 'stuffing' units to fiddle the archery combat system are not shown. Check the Evony Forums
    for the theory behind these.
  • Bear in mind that an experience return of, say 679k, for a successful L8 attack is the equivalent of more than 6 'On
    War' items at the shop at 100 cents each. This is a quick way to build up a Hero. It also assists with Medal farming.
  • Be careful in your force mix. If you include just one Catapult with a Ballista Attack, this catapult determines the start range
    of the attack - the Archer Towers will hammer your Ballistas as they roll on into range without answering. The Archer Towers
    seem to prefer attacking advancing troops to the exclusion of the stationary ones. eg an Archer/Ballista Attack
    will suffer Archer casualties only.
  • An L10 is susceptible to a one-off combined forces attack wave, but you need an L10 Rally Spot 100K limit.
    You don't need a sacrificial Warrior attack to clean out the Traps.
  • Rolling Logs still soak up damage although they can't come into play during a ranged attack from Archers
    and Ballistas.

Unhappy Results (for those who did not read everything above!):

  • I lost 650 ballistas against a level 5 NPC. 750 Rolling Logs are added at level 5 NPC. You much use about 1500 ballis to win. i used 1270 and won, no losses of troops
  • lvl 6 NPC lvl 9 archery lvl 8 horseback riding tried 2440 ballista 20k Warriors 1s 1p and lost
  • I attacked a lvl4 npc with 450 balistae and lost because i have only lvl 6 archery and lvl 5 horse back riding.
  • Don't attack with low lvl archery or horse back riding or you will lose
  • Attacked lvl 5 npc,512 balistae,183 transporters,lv8 archery,lv 9 horse back riding:lose

This information is old and specific only to one server. Game mechanics have changed and it now requires more equipment to attack NPCs with no losses. Equipment requirements also vary from server to server, so check with your alliance members to see what they are using before following any published tech for medal farming.